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The sun as an energy source

Imagine the power of the sun to generate electricity – either for use in your own home or in a big, commercial plant – to capture and use? You have already taken the first important step. Surely you have also already dealt with some basic questions. And maybe you asked ten people and got 20 different opinions on the subject of „solar power“ …

Questions? We’ll call you back!

Here´s what we do for you:

Expect from us complete and professional solutions: from the support of your first „solar idea“ and a comprehensive planning and consulting, through to supply. Guaranteed. 

Of course we also take care of the ongoing review and accurate testing of all components, and care – if time has come – also for the professional disassembly and disposal.

Did we mention that our experience profession is based on more than 10 years and we have built to date several hundred installations throughout Germany? Here you can see a selection.